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ルキと葵~~ N.I.L
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June 2008
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Uh, Hi ^^; I'm new to the comm. Please be nice~<3

Title: A Volatile Romance
Chapters: 1/?
Author: Cherubim_Beau
Genre: Fluff, angst, suspense? [Why hello Suspense how did you get there?] and probably smut later on~
Challenge: #24: If not
Warnings: Smut, male/male, swearing etc 
Disclaimer: The guys aren’t mine.
Rating: PG/PG-13 for now, will probably go up in later chapters.
Pairings/Characters: Aoi/Ruki, Ruki/OFC [sorry, its just in the plot. I hate her already and I haven’t even written her yet.] mentioned Reita/Kai
Synopsis: “If not, I’ll walk away right now. I’ll walk out that door, I’ll never come back and we’ll never bring this up again.”
Comments: Well, it’s 00:15 right now, I spent the whole day at a wedding, I should be sleeping right now but, who fancies a fic~? 8D Excuse the crappiness of this poor excuse of a fanfic. 

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Anne ~ ルキ [userpic]


LMAO just to make a note, that now, after some chatting with Dana and listening to people's opinions and etc, I've decided to do it, even though not wanting to. I guess it's the best just so we wont't have troubles with thiefs and such.

SO! from now on:

And from this post on, all entries will be locked, so you must join in order to view everything. The past entries will, unfortunelly, remain open, though. Tis okay, as long as we keep a good track of everyting from now on, things shall be fine♥

I also promisse to make a new NIL banner soon, and a nice Members-Only banner, so this entry'll be more pretty %D XDDDDDDDDDD Will do and change it all when my skills for photoshopping come back, though. 'Til there, warning given, and hope things'll be okay from now on~~


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yuu_gazerock [userpic]

Hello there! ^^
Today I bring more grafics xD
Well I think this isnt so good then the others, but i was bored xD ahsUDHUAHD
All of you know if you use for wathever PLEASE CREDIT ç_ç PLEASE!

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Anne ~ ルキ [userpic]

Well well, hello people! How are you all?? I hope well, huh??

Anyway! Postign this to make an annoucement:


This meaning that from now on, people who'll want to join will have to wait until Dana or I approve their joining request. This is being done because, on the past times and until nwo, we're kidn of having troubles with people stealing thing form this community and not giving the proper credits do the graphics/fanarts/etc's owners. this ahs happened to me plenty of times already, as well as with yuu_gazerock, takkuni, and I'm sure that with much more people, and we all know how damn annoying this is. I'm not an expert on LJ nor on managing a community, so I'm not sure that moderating people's membership will actually avoid 'em to see the entries on this community or not. If not, and if people want me to do so, I can change the settings of the comm to the "Members only" viewing option, so it'll lock all future entries from now on. So if someone can help me with tips and such about this subject, please do, 'cause I really dunno how to do this kind of stuff XDD;; *lame desu* We actually didn't even wanted to DO it, but since some people seem to be 'causing too much trouble, we thougth it'd be better to do so. We really don't mind about people joining and viewing the comm and such. The problem are with those leechers that made an LJ JUST to steal things, and never used their on LJ not even once. So we'll be checking the LJs of the ones who join, and see if they AT LEAST use LJ at all. 'Cause LJ active users that steal things and don't credit people are terrible, but these ghosts users are even WORSE.

AAND, to finish, it won't be a rule to make your entries to be members-locked and such (in case we don't set the whole community to "Members only" viewing option), we just suggest doing this in case you don't want people stealing your things and all.

Anyway, I guess this is it. Saying again, I really know NOTHING about these management & security stuff, so any help and/or suggestion for Dana and I will be really welcome!XDDDDD;;

And thank you all in advice~


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サリ [userpic]

Okay!! Here I am again with my ONE SHOT!! XDDDDDD I'm BAD at one shots cause I always feel like I should write more. But here's my first one shot so ENJOY!!

I know Dana-chan is waiting anxiously XDDDDD<3333 Love you sweetie<333333


Title: Love Junkie
Author: takkuni
Paring: AoixRuki
Chapters: Oneshot
Genre: Smut?
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: MalexMale sechs *w* and very dirty graphic sex language
Summary: In the middle of the photoshooting break…

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kenxkenlove [userpic]

Title: Metempsychosis
Chapters: 10/?
Author: </a></font></b></a>kenxkenlove
Genre: Sci-fi, romance, AU, drama
Warnings: Language
Rating: NC-17  
Pairings/Characters: AoixRuki, Aoix?, Reitax? [other made up characters [surprise for later ^_~]
Synopsis: A company called Yoani building their own humans called 'perfect'. Supposed to be a very advanced robot disguised as a human, is later found out to be much more. 2-7-6{also known as Ruki} is much less of a perfect than most, and when Aoi comes to investigate the Perfects, Ruki becomes too attached. Leading them into trouble with the Doctor, and the rest of the investigation teams.
Disclaimer: Yes the rating is finally at NC-17! And it's going to stay there. Since the next few chapters are well~ Anyways.. just a note.. I guess when I feel pressured to write or have a time limit I really don't feel like updating, so from now on I'm not gonna promise once a week.. But well you will have updates, and they won't be like once a month or anything. Please read...

fanfiction directory


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yuu_gazerock [userpic]

Hey, good morning everyone ^^
Today a quit post, just to show a new drawing I did yesterday
Hope all of you like it

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Title: Because he’s gay
Genre: AU, high school
Chapter: 15b/??
Pairing: Aoi X Ruki
Warnings: Some cursing and bad language XD
Summary: “Aooooi, chocolaaaaate!” Aoi frowned, “Is that my new nickname or something? I don’t think it fits that well..” He looked up from what he was doing at his boyfriend; Ruki was bouncing like a little child, holding a whole store of chocolate in his hands.
Disclaimer: Don’t own
Beta: gazerock4eva  , momiji_manjuu  Thank you!<333

Notes: Ruki has abandonment issues.
Chocolate-tongueCollapse )

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yuu_gazerock [userpic]

Hello thereeeee! ^^
Today, FINALLY, I came with a new draw xD
Its a Dana's request for V-Day.
I know, I'm late, but now I dont have some much free time now 'cause the work ><
Well I hope she like it ^^ and all of you too o/

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Wendi-chan ~ ♥Koya's Kitty♥~ [userpic]

Hello everyone!!

I just wanted to share with my people here at NIL some AoixRuki icons I made...I was going to post these yesterday, but things got a little hectic here at home *grumbles* ... im only posting these icons here, as a special treat to everyone

Images 1-5 are from yuu_gazerock  graphics posted the other day...
Images 6-9 are manlips done by me
Image 15 the image is by takkuni
and the rest of the images are from misc. magazines

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